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Mid-Month Budget Eval

March 14th, 2013 at 06:38 am

Well, we are headed toward over budget on the grocery bills this month. There was the visit to Whole Food earlier which didn't help and just a general over-spending. Also, this fish and vegetable thing the Doctor has my husband on to bring his cholesterol under control is costing more. I will try hard to find some good sales correct this in the second half of the month. I'll be glad when the Farmers Markets get going again and I can get cheap vegetables from them.

Auto Fuel is right on line where it should be. I haven't spent any of the clothing budget but our youngest son will need spring/summer clothes coming up so it will likely either get spent this month or next month. I haven't spent anything from the "Other/Miscellaneous" slush fund I have built up in the YNAB software so I do have a cushion there to cover the grocery bills. I'd just rather not use it.

The good news is that I've received one $25 Swagbucks paypal payment this month and ordered a second one -- so $50 total. I've been cleaning closets and put a few things aside for EBAY sales. No real plans for that money yet. We're looking at patio furniture and I'd like to buy a few tomato plants and other container vegetables once the weather finally warms up. It will likely go to help with those.

Still waiting and waiting on the estimate from the Roofing company. DH says he detects a definite feeling of disinterest from their office people over this job and thinks maybe they are too busy to take on small work. He's pondering looking for somebody else. Crap.

3 Responses to “Mid-Month Budget Eval”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    If you are eating a lot of fish it is much cheaper to buy the whole fish and have them fillet it or cut it into steaks. If we buy the whole fish it is $5.99 a pound for salmon instead of $12.99 or more. If you take the bones, head and tail, you aren't paying for waste, and you can make a chowder stock with it. Well, we do that with the bones and tail (which still has a lot of meat on it), the chickens get the head. Or you can just bake the tail and then pull the meat off. Cabbage is cheap and is a very healthy vegetable if he likes it.

  2. Wino Says:

    I was told to forego the beef and eat fish, too. Instead, I opted to exercise. It worked just as well, and I get to eat steaks, still. I've never seen a fat cheetah. Wink

  3. snafu Says:

    Why not limit purchases at Whole Foods to those with the highest contaminants if bought at the major chains or ethnic food stores like grapes, sweet peppers, asparagus or spinach for example. There are less expensive fish like mackerel and sardines that can be incorporated in chowders, fish balls, fish cakes, fish loaf or casserole. Sardines are surprisingly good on home made pizza [pita pocket base] greek salad, antipasta, sweet potato balls.

    Vegetables you peel like squash, sweet potato are particularly good for those trying to reduce cholesterol and are less likely 'contaminated.'

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