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No News is Good News

April 2nd, 2013 at 02:28 pm

I haven't written much lately because I just haven't had much to report on the money front. Nothing outstanding has happened, but nothing atrocious either. Yesterday was the first of the month and so I moved some more money into our Emergency funds. I need to update my Fund Balances soon.

I have been feeling a bit disgruntled lately and felt myself being swayed by that naughty temptress, EBAY. Buying, not selling. LOL

I solved that by sitting down one day and making a list of things that I really want. A vacation house, a nice retirement, a newly paved driveway and then chanting to myself over and over than none of my real wants are found on EBAY so shut the blasted window down already.

We did get our leaky roof/window fixed ($900) but it hasn't rained yet for me to test it. I'm hesitant to let them move forward with the other windows until I make sure they fixed that one good.

1 Responses to “No News is Good News”

  1. snafu Says:

    Yeah! Congratulations, you've just taken a giant step forward to your future. Newly paved driveway, new windows and fully funded Retirement will have a more significant, long term payback than short term ebay finds. Why not turn the tables and focus on selling items not longer bringing you joy. Use e-bay as a seller. Spring is a great time to re-evaluate, clear out he items that no longer serve your current needs. Use CraigsList and Kijijji or what ever Buy "n Sell are popular in your area. You'll have less to store and less to look after - it's so liberating!

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