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Bad Attitudes

April 16th, 2013 at 06:38 am

I was reading a Blog on a different site yesterday and the owner mentioned that he was still plugging along with that "Save an Additional Dollar Every Week" challenge. These always catch my eye because I've been participating in it myself (week 16 on Thursday for me). As is usual, he immediately attracted a couple of comments about how "stupid" this challenge is, how it will become "impossible" late in the year, and how there are an infinite number of "better" ways to save money.

It is April now and ever since this challenge hit the blogosphere back in late December early January I have read so many of these bad attitude type of posts. It reminds me of the objections many people have to the Dave Ramsey program .... item after whiney item about how it wouldn't work for them so it will never work for you, how there is a better way to do it, and how they are so infinitely superior for knowing that anybody who would ever follow Dave Ramsey is wrong.wrong.wrong.

And don't get me wrong, I'm not a die hard Dave Ramsey fan myself but the day I ever start going rabid at somebody who expresses a desire to pay down loads of debt and save an emergency fund so they can live a more financially secure life is the day somebody needs to come along and hit me upside the head with the stick of common sense.

So I'm just going to go on record here:

1. Blah. Kill Joys.

2. Maybe there is a better way. Who cares? At least people who are doing it are doing something positive - which is always better than doing something negative and usually better than doing nothing at all.

3. So it might get hard.

4. Yes. It might get impossible.

5. Yes. Participants might fail. GASP. They might Fail!!!! Which means they will only have (some amount smaller than $1400) in their savings account. The horror!

6. I repeat. Who cares?

7. Because at least they tried!

8. Yes, the Holidays will come at year's end and it is hard to save money during the year end spending sprees. We all know that. You are not imparting any great pearls of secret wisdom by constantly pointing that out.

9. Maybe they'll fail by having to spend their tiny little savings accounts on Christmas gifts instead of using their Credit Cards. Oh, won't that be horrible!

10. I really wish people would stop secretly hoping for other people to fail at something only because you decided you can't or won't do it. It makes you look small and petty and really insecure.

Okay, sorry for the ranty rant rant but all that negativity really pushed my buttons yesterday and I had to blow off the steam.

5 Responses to “Bad Attitudes”

  1. twest Says:

    You are absolutely right! Who does really care.....Atleast they are trying to bette their lives which is more than that negative person is doing I'm sure.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Well said! If you don't try for a goal, you are sure to miss every time. But if you do...you just might make it or get close.

  3. snafu Says:

    I've noticed that many nay sayers are nearly drowning in debt that had resulted from purchases that fall into the 'wants' category, and mostly bought on impulse. I wonder if they have self esteem issues and try to fill the void with stuff. They buy into commercials and hope or believe by buying the advertised product their lives will be fixed. I want to ask 'what were you thinking!'

  4. Single Guy Says:

    You do what ever works for you. For me, I do lots of things, the best one is to try to do my best not to have trash (recycle, compost, sell, give away, etc...), and to save the ~$30/mo. I would pay for trash pickup. I am on year 6 of this mission, and I take that $30 and each month invest it into a DRIP (direct stock investment). It was slow growth for years as the stock price languished, but its picked up in the past year. Its now approaching $3,000.

  5. rob62521 Says:

    Bad attitude is right. Sheesh, talk about stealing someone's joy. How much better if someone saves a a bit consistently than not saving at all.

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