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Learning to Treat Yourself Right, The Right Way

March 8th, 2013 at 07:20 am

I admittedly have had times when I went a little overboard in treating myself right. After all, I work pretty darn hard and I deserve nice things -- right?

Then I got a handle on our finances and realized that as a family, we were all pretty wasteful spenders and we all together, learned how to put ourselves on a budget. As part of this we were all assigned a monthly "allowance." Some people find that term kind of juvenile for adults but it is what we've always used.

More recently, I've probably gone the other way with my allowance and I hardly ever spend it all. At the end of every month I take what I have leftover and I put it away in our house safe. In the way of Moms everywhere, It almost always ends up going to somebody else in the family. The kids need something or we need something for the house. To be honest, I sometimes do feel kind of resentful that it is alway ~my allowance~ that picks up the tab for this stuff.

This morning was a little different. I have had an EBAY alert set up for over two years for something that I wanted. It isn't hugely expensive but It is pretty rare and hard to find. For two years I've been waiting and this morning my eyes nearly BUGGED OUT OF MY HEAD to see an email saying it had been listed on Ebay with a Buy It Now.

I bought it without hardly thinking about it. It wasn't terribly expensive but after years of things like searching Clearance racks for two dollar sweaters that I can wear to the office, it kind of felt like I had bought a new car.

And then I realized, spending money on myself actually feels pretty good and I probably need to, within the limits of my allowance, do it more often.

So that is my new resolution. Reasonable treats every now and again to remind myself that the line item on our monthly budget dedicated to ME is just as important as everything else.

4 Responses to “Learning to Treat Yourself Right, The Right Way”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    As a mom, I agree with you, we do need to treat ourselves within our budget and not feel bad about it! I'm glad you found what you wanted, too.

  2. Carolina Girl Says:

    Moms everyone hear you. It's always easier to spend on others than for ourselves. I am happy you found a treasure for you! Enjoy!

  3. CB in the City Says:

    So glad you found what you wanted!

  4. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    I'm thinking that if actual needs aren't covered, then some re-budgeting needs to be done.

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