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What I've Been Up To

April 15th, 2013 at 08:17 am

Ever have those periods of time where you feel like you've been super busy but you can't name much of what you've accomplished? That's kind of the way I feel.

I started a new Home Inventory database software and I've been slowwwwwwwly going through our house room by room cataloging all the crap (I mean, treasures) that we own. Digging up receipts and scanning them in. Photographing. I'm a good ways into the process. At this point in time, if disaster strikes -- I'll be ready to take that Insurance Company on no problem.

We went to Mom's house over the weekend. My husband did a bunch of manly stuff around her house .... assembling items that she has purchased and never assembled, hauling stuff out to her trash, picking up large sticks and branches in the yard and getting them into the disposal company approved yard waste bags. He did good.

The kid and I took her shopping to Kohls and Target. She claims we exhausted her but then asked if we would be back next weekend. Things are slowly moving along there. I've been kind of proud of her. I leave her 2 cardboard boxes every time I visit and she fills them with donate/trash item and I haul them away. I think she's sent 6 boxes of stuff out of her computer room alone the past couple of months. You can actually walk around in there and see the walls and floor now.

We have declared our leaky roof/window officially leak free after the recent rains so my husband has hired the company to fix the other 5 upstairs windows too. I hate to spend the money, but I'm glad that they are being fixed correctly.

Have a happy Tax Day everybody.

Need Good Thoughts for My Leaky Roof

March 8th, 2013 at 12:57 pm

It is a long story but several years ago my husband and I made a very bad choice in choosing a roofer for a major job. He was a crook, and the problems he has caused keep slowly appearing. We hired a lawyer for a consult at one point who came back to advise us that the guy is now in jail on unrelated drug charges and it is unlikely we would ever be able to get any money out of him for his shoddy work. I can really pick them.

So a couple of years ago we bought a REALLY tall ladder and a DIY Roofing book and we have tried to mitigate this disaster ourselves but my husband is apparently throwing in the towel. We are not handy people.

I won't be here tomorrow when the BIG roofing name in town (the guy we didn't hire because his quote was 50% higher than the crook. I know, I know) is coming out to give a repair estimate.

DH must have known how stressful this will be for me because he scheduled it for a time I'm headed to my Mom's and just now told me. By email. LOL

Anything under $6k and we're fine and I can fix it without touching the Emergency Funds. A little over that I can handle because I'm getting a Dividend payment next month and May is a 3 paycheck month. A lot over that and I'm going to be FREAKED OUT.